Recent News Launches New Site Redesigns Exotic Car Rental Directory

Already providing a great advertising channel for exotic and luxury car rental agencies, now incorporates a new design with fresh features and improved navigation to make it easier than ever for car enthusiasts to find and rent  their dream car .  luxury car rentals, the world's leading high-end car rental marketplace since 1998, today unveiled a redesign of its Web site.  
Already attracting millions of visitors, now incorporates a new design with great features and improved navigation to make it easier than ever for the elite traveler to find exotic and luxury cars from many beautiful destinations around the world.

Some of the new features on include:

  • New visually appealing design with user-friendly map and search tools to make it faster and easier for users to find the closest car rental agency.
  • Professional business advertisement that includes logo with detailed description, Web site screenshot and search engine friendly links, customer reviews, multiple category selections, multiple destination pages and much more.
  • Trusted Seal and Rating buttons to help advertisers increase their Internet exposure, trust and rankings on the Exotic Car Rental directory.
  • Improved control panel for advertisers to manage or edit their listings 24/7 from any location. ranks high, with several relevant and popular search terms, on all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.   Advertisers that want to receive the most benefits from should upgrade to a Premium or Featured Listing.


About is the oldest and most popular car rental directory on the Internet today.  The recently acquired Exotic Car Rental Web site has been redesigned and launched by  The site provides a single gateway to exotic and luxury car rental providers from all over the world. is led by an experienced team of technology and marketing experts who are dedicated to making the exotic and luxury car rental industry a more consolidated and trusted marketplace.

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